2024 Important Dates

March 9th (Sat) Evaluation Schedule - Saturday at Harrison High School (Enter Through Cafeteria)

Please check below Little League Age Chart for your child’s Little League Age.

Gym 1 1:00 pm Boys – 12s/11s

Gym 2 1:30 pm Girls – 12s/11s

Gym 1 2:30 pm Boys – 10s/9s

Gym 2 3:00 pm Girls – 10s/9s

Gym 1 4:00 pm Boys – 8s

March 10th (Sun) Drafts – Veterans Memorial Building (210 Halstead Avenue)

BOYS/GIRLS Majors – 12:00pm

Eastern – 2:00pm

International – 4:00pm

Continental Boys – 6:00 pm

March 18th Draft Rookie 2nd Grade 7:00 pm Senior Annex West Harrison

March 19th Draft Cub 1st Grade 7:00 pm Senior Annex West Harrison

March 20th Draft Pony Kindergarten 7:00 pm Senior Annex West Harrison

March 21st Pre-School Meeting/Draft 7:00 pm Senior Annex West Harrison

April 6th Pre-Season Clinic (Rain Date April 7th) West Harrison Park

9:00am 3rd Grade Girls (Field 2)

10:00 am Boys (Field 1) Rookie 2nd Grade Girls (Field 2)

11:00 am Boys (Field 1) Cub 1st Grade Girls (Field 2)

12:00 pm Boys (Field 1) Pony Kindergarten Girls (Field 2)

April 15th Majors and Eastern League Seasons Begin

April 26th Opening Night Parade (Friday) – Time/Location TBA

April 27th Regular Season Begins (Saturday)

June 1st BOYS/GIRLS Major-League All-Star Meeting

June 8th BOYS/GIRLS Majors Playoffs Completed

June 15th Players Picnic - End of Spring Season

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